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Digital X-Ray

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Digital X-Ray Imaging

X-ray imaging can be a very useful tool for identifying injuries and problematic conditions.


X-rays are an effective way to view  the condition of the spine, its exposed areas of injury and possible degenerative changes.


This provides essential information correlating history and examination findings allowing for a more accurate spinal analysis for an individualized and effective treatment plan.

Doctors of chiropractic receive over 300 hours of x-ray studies in college prior to graduating and are fully trained to take radiographs and identify subtle abnormalities of the spine as well as more serious pathologies. 

Getting Results

X-rays are typically taken during the first appointment. After complete analysis, results are discussed during a second "Report of Findings" appointment.


MRI Analysis

In some cases MRI's may be needed for further analysis. Previously taken  MRIs are encouraged to be brought in and/or Dr. Smith can order MRIs when needed. 

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