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What The Patients Have To Say

"I was in extreme pain that kept me from doing any physical activity. I could only lay in bed or in the recliner. I could hardly walk... I searched out every avenue possible… After starting on the DRX treatment I now feel no pain."

- D.D. - Coalville, UT

"Literally dozens of doctors told me that there was nothing more that they could do for the pain…some even told me to just expect to be in a wheel chair. I went from being among the top 1% physically fit in the army Special Forces to being in so much pain that I could not even tie my shoe or hold my new daughter. I tried everything from physical therapy to drugs for over 5 years for this, but nothing worked. Finally, I went to Dr. Smith and I did his Spinal Decompression, alignment & fitness program. I improved exactly as he told me I would and I lost over 40lbs. I couldn’t believe it! My wife cried "I have my husband back". I FEEL GREAT..."

- Steve M.

“I have spent the last year in and out of Dr.'s offices for severe Low Back and Leg Pain and I've been on all kinds of meds. I drove for 3 hours up and back from Emery Utah for DRX treatments and it has been worth every minute.

I would recommend the Elite Performance DRX decompression program to anyone who has had back and leg pain like I've had. It's helped me in so many ways. My pain was lessened a great deal with in a few treatments. I don't want to stay in bed anymore. The DRX has worked wonders. I have no regrets with choosing this treatment. The treatment has been good in every way. The DRX treatment, the doctors and everyone have been so helpful and so caring.

I have been to so many other doctors that gave me things for the pain, but nothing helped fix the problems. Half way through my care, my pain improved to the point where I had little to no pain…even without meds. At first the DRX treatment for me seemed a bit intimidating... I could feel it change things in my back. It was a little painful at first but, after your 3rd or 4th time on the DRX I starting feeling a ton better.

On my first visit we did a few tests and he talked to me about what was really going on and what my options were. On my 2nd visit, we discussed the diagnosis…a herniated/bulging disc with spinal degeneration all around it. He explained the significance of my situation and told me that it wasn't too late to fix it. He recommended the DRX treatments and the spinal rehab program that comes with it. Knowing that I had a way to fix this problem, we got started that very day. This was a definite commitment but, it has absolutely been worth it. Thanks again to every one involved in my treatment. I finally feel so much better. Thank you!"

- M.M. - Emery, UT

"I came to the office because of persistent back pain. I was retired. I tried not to be grouchy but found that I was reluctant to engage in social activities, either by going out or having friends or family come to the house

Regular duties were becoming more difficult. Lifting, taking a walk, getting up in the morning, getting sufficient sleep, sitting or standing all were very painful. An x-ray taken at physician’s office showed herniated discs. The stronger drugs produced intolerable side effects; the milder ones did not help very much.

Despite reluctance to try the DRX 9000 program I did. It took a while, but gradually the pain relief felt great with the treatments lasted longer and longer. Now I can now do most anything an 80-year old person could be expected to do."

"I had a herniated disc and I’m only 13 years old. It didn’t help any thing by taking medication. My next option was a cortisone shot and then later surgery. The herniated disc also put pressure on some nerves that went down my leg then into my feet.

My herniated disc caused me to miss lots of school, fall behind, and even fail some classes. It prevented me from playing lacrosse, volleyball, and any physical activity whatsoever.

I started out with just dealing with the pain. Then I started physical therapy. But that didn’t help, so I went to an orthopedic doctor who prescribed me three different medications. That didn’t help, just made me grumpy. When I told my doctor the medicine didn’t work he recommended a cortisone shot. My next option was surgery.

I have improved since I started coming to Dr. Smith’s office. They’ve put me on the DRX machine and since then I’ve been doing great. I’ve been back to school and this weekend I even get to play lacrosse! So in ending... Thanks!"

- K. W. - Draper Utah

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