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How We Help You

At Elite Performance Health Center we are here to serve YOU.

From accurately understanding what's going on with your body to ONLY recommending treatment if we know that it will help you feel better and be better.

In addition to excellent results, our personal mission is to treat you as we would want to be treated.

To provide you with the kind of good experience that you would want to share with family and friends.   


Day 1
'Learning All About You

Your first visit with us consists of gathering information about you...your aches, pains, history, and what brought you in to see us. This includes a consultation where you speak and we listen to understand. 

We typically perform a physical exam, take X-rays (if needed) and provide some initial pain relieving treatment. 

We encourage that you bring any previous MRI's and relevant medical records with you.


In Between Your Visits
Dr. Smith's Analysis and Questions to Answer

Why Are You Having Pain or Symptoms?

What is the Root Cause?

What do the X-rays or MRIs Reveal?

  • Its not enough to just identify the source of pain, but why is it did it get this way?​


Can We Help You?

  • Using previous successful cases of similar age and condition, can we reproduce the same excellent results with you?

  • In addition to helping you feel better, can we stabilize the cause of the problem... to minimize relapse or need for ongoing care.

  • Are there any contraindications or problems that would prevent getting excellent results.


The Decision

  • IF, we know the cause of the problem and determine that excellent results will be reproducible, we ​will provide you with a clear recommendation... including  exact visits and treatment protocol to get you there.

  • IF, we are NOT clear with the cause of the problem, or IF the problem is beyond help , or IF results aren't reproducible, or IF you need to see an orthopedic doctor, we won't waste your time and money. We will guide you with what would be the next best step for your body. 

Doctor with Mammography

Day 2
Report of Findings

Provide You Answers and Direction

The Report of Findings is where you will get exact answers.

What the problem really is and if we can help you. Exact recommendations to get you better will be reviewed...including how soon you can expect to feel better and know that you're healing.

Our staff will provide a benefits analysis of any insurance coverage down to the penny, including any out-of-pocket costs, or cash plan options without insurance... including interest free monthly payment options.

We will answer all questions, including how to get started, and then with ZERO pressure we will follow your lead with moving forward.

All Auto Insurances Cover 100%
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